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Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, February 2019

Welcome to Aquarius season, Virgo!
January 31, 2019, 4:09pm

Aquarius is one of the most innovative signs in the zodiac—they are ruled by genius Uranus, after all—so this is an exciting time of year for you. Plenty of upgrades are taking place! Your day-to-day schedule may see some shake-ups, but it’s for the best: Change is good, and for someone as creative and hard-working as you, Virgo, getting stuck in a routine makes life boring, and not any more productive—you thrive on inspiration! Yes, you love maintaining happy, healthy habits, but getting stuck in a schedule with no flexibility or autonomy is your nightmare.


February is off to a rough start with Mars and PLuto, the two planets of war, squaring off on February 1. Something that was supposed to be fun no longer feels good. Power struggles abound and tempers are short; it would be wise to bring in a third party to mediate. But this could also mean things get hugely passionate, especially in your sex life! The vibe is very "fight or fuck," so just make sure boundaries are clear.

The vibe shifts on February 2 when sweet Venus connects with electric Uranus, which will be exciting for your intimate relationships—much-needed space arrives, but with it, so does a fresh sense of closeness and excitement. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and while Venus and Uranus connect, it could make things kinkier, too.

Your ruling planet Mercury connects with Jupiter, and Venus enters Capricorn on February 3—an exciting date for communication and making plans! Venus in Capricorn will bring big blessings to your love life and your creative projects, too. Sexy Venus in sensual Capricorn brings a wonderful opportunity to indulge in massage, good food, music, dance, and just enjoying yourself! A fresh start to your schedule comes on February 4, thanks to the new moon in Aquarius—treat yourself to a new planner, or energetically cleanse your old one. New gigs or projects at work are on the way, too, thanks to the new moon.

The sun connects with Jupiter and Mercury with Mars on February 7, moving conversations along very quickly and delivering a big boost in confidence. Mercury connects with Uranus on February 9, bringing a brilliant eureka moment. Mercury enters your opposite sign, Pisces, on February 10, boosting communication between you and your partners. You have a very straightforward way of saying things, Virgo, but not everyone has your communication skills. Mercury in Pisces will find that your partners will be especially talkative and eager to share their many feelings with you—even though you may find that they have a more poetic way of saying things than you do! Keep an open mind.


Mars meets Uranus on February 14, bringing a big shake-up to your intimate relationships. Earlier this month, the Mars/Pluto square-off found many projects and partnerships blowing up. If you've been holding on to partnerships that truly aren't serving you, you can expect some surprising and sudden changes to take place. Are you ready for an upgrade in your life? If so, it's time to leave the past in the past and open up to new possibilities, even though your fear of the unknown is being activated.

Mars enters Taurus on February 14, which will find you in a very adventurous mood, perfect for moving on after all these abrupt changes have been made. Venus connects with Neptune on February 17, which will bring an especially dreamy, whimsical energy to your relationships—yes, tempers are wild this month, but this will be just the balm that your spirit needs.

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The sun connects with Uranus and Venus meets Saturn on February 18, opening your mind up to new possibilities, and finding you exploring new commitments. Saturn is not the coziest planet, but when it meets with lovely Venus, promising new connections and projects begin. Pisces season begins on February 18, finding the sun activating the relationship sector of your chart—expect to dive deep into your partnerships! But first, a full moon in your sign, Virgo, lands on February 19, asking you to go deeply within yourself, and truly feel your feelings. There’s that rule, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others, and this full moon definitely references this situation. Breathe! Sink deeply into your body, honor the feelings that come up for you, and get clear on your needs. A big emotional release is taking place. Balance in your relationships is key. Let go of anyone who can’t accept that you need to be there for you. Luckily, during this full moon, Mercury meets Neptune and connects with Saturn, which means there will be an empathetic vibe and a grounding energy in the atmosphere.

On February 22, Mercury clashes with Jupiter and Venus meets Pluto, which means big and exciting conversations are in the air, and there is a very sexy atmosphere. Everything feels exaggerated—have fun, but don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Mercury connects with Pluto on February 23, finding you sharing secrets and forming deep bonds. The sun connects with Mars on February 27, finding people in a confident and energetic mood—take a trip with someone, or at least go explore a neighborhood you don’t frequent often. Good luck this month Virgo, and see you in March!