Watch the Moment Han First Meets Chewie in the New 'Solo' Trailer

Apparently he's always been able to understand those weird Wookie roars.
April 16, 2018, 3:35pm

It looks like Han Solo didn't need any Shyriiwook Duolingo courses or whatever to learn how to decipher Chewbacca's roars—he's been fluent in Wookie bellows since the beginning, apparently. On Sunday, Disney released a new TV spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and, although the thing is mostly made up of clips from the first two trailers, the 45-second teaser does give us a brief look at one iconic scene we definitely haven't seen before: The moment Han Solo meets Chewie for the first time.


"So what's your name, anyway?" the young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) asks, as he and Chewie stand on some cold and windy balcony. The Wookie lets out an introductory growl that presumably somehow translates to the word "Chewbacca."

Yes, it's a pretty brief scene. Yes, it's a little confusing why Wookies would have names they couldn't even pronounce themselves. And yes, it's unclear how Han immediately understands Shyriiwook, the Wookie's language, since most people in the Star Wars universe don't seem to be able to. Then again, everyone always understands a droid when it toots and whistles, so shouldn't it be the same kind of thing, or… never mind. All questions about plot holes aside, it's pretty great to finally get a taste of how Han and Chewie became "Han and Chewie."

Even if Solo turns out to be a complete mess, at least we'll have Donald Glover acting cool as fuck and a subplot about Han and Chewie's budding friendship. That weird-ass space train robbery looks pretty great, too, so that's something.

Check out the moment Han meets his future co-pilot and then watch Chewie roast him during a Sabacc game in the teaser above. Solo: A Star Wars Story is due out in theaters on May 25.