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Antoni from 'Queer Eye' Is Writing His Own Cookbook

Perhaps he'll figure out a slightly fancier way to make a PB&J.
Photo via Netflix

After dazzling viewers with his hot dog recipes and cheese-melting skills on Queer Eye, it looks like the show's food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, is heading back into the kitchen to create his very own cookbook, Entertainment Weekly reports.

According to EW, the cookbook will be Porowski's first and feature 100 different recipes aimed at beginner chefs. In a statement, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Rux Martin said that the cookbook will reflect Porowski's ability to "connect instantly with newbies in the kitchen," and the Queer Eye star said he "could not be more thrilled to be writing about the recipes I love and think are essential to any novice home cook, professional, and somewhere in between."


If the cookbook's recipes are anything like what Porowski's taught men to cook on the show, we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Perhaps he'll figure out a slightly fancier way to make a PB&J, or nail down the perfect ratio of milk to cereal. Maybe he'll keep it very simple and go over the basics of how to peel a banana. If anything, we can certainly expect a handful of different ways to incorporate avocados into our diets—even if that means peeling one, dousing it in store-bought dressing, and eating it with a spoon.

The cookbook is slated to come out next spring, likely after the show's upcoming second season debuts, where we'll probably get to see some of his new recipes in action. Maybe he'll step up his game next time around, or we could be in for some rousing tutorials on how to cook scrambled eggs, spaghetti, and peel a tangerine.

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