We're Coming to Your TV and We Threw a Party to Celebrate

We're Coming to Your TV and We Threw a Party to Celebrate

We threw another one of our amazing Weekender parties with our partners over at Potato Head.
May 3, 2018, 9:00am

There's nothing like a weekend away. That's why we threw another massive party at Bali's iconic Potato Head Beach Club and invited all of our friends to perform. DJ Harvey was there. Velvet Season and Thomas Bullock too. Pete Herbert, PLEASURE, Island of the Gods, and so many more held it down too. It was a helluva weekend.

Now, you don't really need a reason to throw a party; especially a beach bash. But we also had something else to celebrate—the launch of our television takeover of JawaPosTV!


Who says TV dead? VICE's Indonesia office recently partnered with the great people over at JawaPosTV to bring you one hour of our best television shows every night of the week. We launched this week on local channels throughout Indonesia (see our helpful channel list here), which means we're live every single day between 2200 to 2300 WIB, with great shows like Huang's World, Cyberwar, and Balls Deep.

If you weren't there, here's all the stuff you missed. We'll see you at the next one.