Azealia Banks' New Song "Anna Wintour" is Surprisingly Sweet

It's a vogue track, so it's called "Anna Wintour." Get it? Because Anna Wintour edits Vogue? Anyway, it's from 'Fantasea II,' and it bangs.
April 6, 2018, 1:09am

I really root for Azealia Banks. She's had a real rough go of it the past few years—that whole Russell Crowe thing, issues with mental health, and so on—so I'm really glad to see she's back on track with new music. Today, she's released "Anna Wintour," a new track that's supposedly from her upcoming Fantasea II mixtape, a sequel to her 2012 Fantasea release. (Seapunk's well and truly over, but quite a large part of me hopes that Azealia can bring it back).

The song is a fun, upbeat vogue track, and it features Azealia rapping and singing some of her sweetest lines ever. "I feel in love babe, I really know that your love is enough," she sings on the chorus, "I'm so lucky you found me in the day." It's beautiful! The song is called "Anna Wintour," I assume, because it's a vogue track, and Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue. Wordplay! I'm feeling really positive about Fantasea II, and "Anna Wintour" is a great start to a new era for Azealia. Listen for yourself below.

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