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Kylie Minogue Has Delivered 2018’s First True Pop Banger with "Dancing"

Yeah, she still fucking rules.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I have this bad habit. When something isn't directly in front of me, I forget about it. If I don't have a glass of water on my desk, I might not have a drink for hours on end (@ my skin and general mood, don't read this sweetie); if I put an item of clothing away in the boxes under my bed, it might as well not even exist. These are, obviously, fairly low-level problems, but sometimes it leads me to do things that are quite bad.


One such unforgivable act is that over the last couple of years, because she has been 'under the radar' (i.e. not releasing music and waving it directly in front of my face) I completely allowed pop legend, and owner of one of the best back catalogues (and curatorial ears) ever in the genre, Ms Kylie Minogue, to totally slip my mind. Today, thankfully, she has made a return that can truly only be described as 'triumphant,' to remind me, an idiot, that she's still here and that she fucking rules. Before we continue together on our Kylie journey, I would implore you to listen to her new single, "Dancing," below:

Fucking hell that was good wasn't it? Kylie Goes Country and I am, quite simply, loving it! In terms of how it fits into pop right now, it's not dissimilar to Rita Ora's "Anywhere" with its use of an acoustic guitar set against big synths, but really, it also doesn't need to 'fit in,' because Kylie's signature sound is so established that she doesn't have to slot into wider trends to sell. That said, however, right now is a good time for her: latter-era Kylie (post-"Spinning Around" comeback if you'd like to get technical) has always had one foot in dance music, so while over recent years we've seen a lot popstars have a go at EDM – not always successfully – the nod towards electronic music here fits Kylie perfectly, like a pair of gold hotpants, because she's been doing it forever. Let's hope she continues.

"Dancing" is the first single from her upcoming album Golden, due out 6 April. She's almost definitely onto a winner.

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