Inside the Adorable Mayhem of the Puppy Bowl


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Inside the Adorable Mayhem of the Puppy Bowl

We send puparazzi behind the scenes for a sneak peek of the 14th annual Puppy Bowl.

The Super Bowl is upon us—this year the Eagles will take on the Patriots. Justin Timberlake will emerge from the woods and perform. There will be heavy consumption of beer and wings throughout America. But if this doesn’t appeal to you on game day, there’s also the Puppy Bowl XIV, Animal Planet’s annual fur fest of rescue dogs "competing" in a bone-shaped stadium.

Animal Planet teamed up with 48 animal shelters across the country to recruit 90 players on #TeamRuff and #TeamFluff—and Broadly got to see the excitement behind the scenes of the Puppy Bowl. If you need any more convincing or a Friday pick-me-up, here’s a look at what you can expect to see on February 4th.


Animal organizations wait in line to check their puppies in for the Puppy Bowl, held in Manhattan

Volunteers backstage keep the dogs in holding pens before the game takes place

"Rufaree" Dan Schachner preparing the dogs from Team Fluff for the Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet employees scatter toy along the playing field

The puppies enter the arena