Björk's "Utopia" Video Is a Fitting Send-Off for the Year of the Flute

"Mask on, fuck it, mask off," - Björk, probably.
December 8, 2017, 5:19pm

Björk's Utopia has a lot of flutes on it. Just a whole flotilla of woodwinds. They play into a wind/nature/breathing theme that the album has, but also, these instruments are the new sound of the youth as heard in various rap singles throughout the year. The new video for Utopia's title track is an unintentional tribute to this trend by having a masked Björk (word to Future) playing a flute that seems to be made out of the shell of an ancient crustacean along with a similarly dressed woodwind section.


Of course, like previous videos, this is all happening in one of the fantastical, neon-forest landscapes that Utopia presumably takes place in. If there was a whole movie that looked like this, instead of that one planet in that one scene in the final Star Wars prequel, that would be pretty tight. I also can't wait for someone to put "Magnolia" on top of this visual. Watch the "Utopia" video above.

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