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Gallery: Things Turn Hectic Quickly at a CLOWNS Show

Get down the front. Get a good look. Get the phone out.

Like the calm before the calamity, you see them milling about front of stage - alone or in groups of two or three - ​waiting for the main event. Punk rock gig newbies. They've scoped the merch stand and have been to the bar. Expectation rises as the band take the stage and plug in.

Get down the front. Get a good look. Get the phone out.

And then it hits. Like a rugby front rower plowing into an unexpecting touchline judge, the crowd rush towards the front of stage. Beer glasses fly from hands, heads are thrown back and newbies get tossed around the room as they are pummelled from all sides.


Melbourne punk rock hedonists CLOWNS​ have a new single "Destroy the Evidence" and to celebrate they've been destroying rooms in Brisbane and Sydney. Check the photographic evidence and captions from the band below.

They take on Melbourne this Friday night.​ Take out some extra health insurance and get down the front.

We hit the road last weekend to launch our new single Destroy the Evidence. Here's our dumb mugs pre show.

Matt Warrell shoots us on the reg, he's a magician behind the lens. I don't even remember pulling this face right before we hit our first chord, but it sure looks emotive

Will Robinson playing his first notes as a member of this band. He has is the oldest and prettiest band mate. Get used to not showering, buddy.

Jake bashing to "Like A Knife At A Gunfight". The crowd hear the cymbal crash and rush the barrier.

It doesn't take long for this show to get a bit out of hand.


Punk rock is tiring. A mid-set spit shower is often necessary.

Our drummer never misses a beat or an opportunity to boast his hot drummer bod.


10 points for the facial expression on that crowd surfing drongo.


THANKS CROWBAR! We'd love to stay and have a drink but we are driving overnight to Sydney.


G'day Blackwire!


Rhythm. Need I say more?


Here's me getting out the anguish of that 12 hour drive and surviving on a diet of Maccas chips for the last 12-hours.


Rachie met her significant other at a Blackwire show a few years back, and they decided to get engaged at one of our shows at the same venue over this weekend.


Last song and that's a wrap!


"Destroy the Evidence" is available now.
Catch CLOWNS Oct 21 in Melbourne at the Evelyn.