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No Talking, Just Hip-Shaking in Baloji's Video for "Spoiler"

Introducing this this super fly Renaissance man who melds Congolese Rumba, hip-hop, and pop. Mind the keytar.
October 19, 2016, 3:09pm

"Since when do we talk on a dance floor?" asks Baloji. Valid question and the answer is N E V E R. Music that makes you dance should be all about escapism. A marvelous moment of weightlessness where all you do is let those grooves move you and you don't give a flying fuck about anything else.

"Stop bringing me back to my worries / Stop bringing me back to the mess," runs the chorus in French, as Baloji shouts "Spoiler!" as the gleeful refrain.


Living in Ghent, Belgium, this Baloji is something of a Renaissance man—as well as a songwriter and performer, he's a screenwriter, actor, stylist, and all around ridiculously cool guy. He's been making music for a minute (releasing since 2008), to much critical acclaim. Now he's signed to Bella Union (Beach House, Fleet Foxes), recently collaborated with Petite Noir, and he's delivered "Spoiler"—the video for which is premiering below.

"I directed this video myself, it features four generations of Congolese musicians, on the stage of the Kinshasa art school during the graduation ceremony," explains Baloji. "'Spoiler' is about the people that remind you of reality when the party ends, spoiling the good times.

One of the most awesome things about it is the intro—which features a faux phone commercial espousing the "swag" points of this particular cell thanks to its ability to take four sim cards. And then the real video kicks in: The suits are sharper than a fresh razor, the licks are light, people are dancing while waving fronds of foliage in the air. There is a keytar.

This tune is lifted from his forthcoming EP, 64 bits & Malachite, ​out on November 11th.

Man, Baloji and these Congolese old dudes RULE.