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D.R.A.M. Talks Drake, Cha Cha, and His New Album on The Breakfast Club

'Big Baby D.R.A.M.' arrives on Friday

​Continuing promotion for his debut album, Big Baby D.R.A.M., which drops this Friday, D.R.A.M.​ appeared on The Breakfast Club earlier today. During the interview, the Hampton, Virginia-native spoke on his musical beginnings​ at a middle-of-the-mall booth in his hometown and the making of 2014's smash hit "Cha Cha." He also talked about his number 1 song, "Broccoli" with Lil Yachty.

On, Drake's using of "Cha Cha" to create "Hotline Bling"​ he said:


"The only thing I really can say about that whole situation that hasn't been already said is like, that record was like my intro into the game. It's very near ad dear to me…It also got me headed into really making a career out of it. So it's like 'Eh.' I took that shit on the chin and look where we at: one year later with the number one motherfucking record."

Watch the full interview below.

Photo: Scr​eengrab of video via YouTube.​​

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