The World Is Cruel and Twisted in Whale and Wolf's "Man Is a Wolf" Video

Music for eating your enemies to.
December 6, 2016, 3:42pm

Everyone has an evil animal lurking deep inside them. Edmonton-based rockers Whale and Wolf let their inner animals bark (puns, mi'right?) in their latest video for "Man is a Wolf." The footage, directed and produced by Travis Nesbitt, was taken at the 2016 Annual Halloween Howler at the Shaw Conference Centre, where the band opened for Bush. Whale and the Wolf consists of Ryan Maier, Brandon Yaggey, Lucas Holt, and Sean Waddingham. The group is set to record a debut EP with producer Danny Craig (drummer for Default) for release in spring of 2017. "Man is a Wolf" is the first off that project. Lead singer Ryan Maier sings, "Did it make you mad, when they pulled the world out from under you, baby?"

"The title of the song 'Man is a Wolf' is a nod to the latin proverb "Homo homini lupus est," more simply put 'Man is a wolf to man,'" Maier told Noisey. "The meaning of the song is quite parallel to the meaning of the phrase. Man, by nature, is cruel and predatory. The phrase is centuries old, but still finds a warm home in today's society." Watch "Man Is a Wolf" below.

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