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Heems Made a Song About LGBTQ Culture in India for 'GAYCATION' on VICELAND

It's called "Adults with Privates."

Tonight in the latest episode of GAYCATION on VICELAND, Ellen Page and Ian Daniel head to India to attempt to understand the LGBTQ culture of one of the most populated countries in the world. Their goal is to figure out how the country's culture can evolve while still maintaining its deep-rooted traditions. For the episode, Queens-based rapper Heems (and proud Indian) recorded a song called "Adults with Privates." In typical form, Heems delivers a bombastic track that is both funny and poignant, using humor to kind of cut to the core of what the episode is investigating.


Below, because we love you, is a download of the song. So listen to it, and download it, and enjoy it. Watch GAYCATION tonight at 10:30 PM EST, only on VICELAND.

Oh, and yes, that is a photo of Heems in our booth recording the song.