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Who Would You Clone?

"I wouldn’t clone anyone because I don’t need to clone anyone."

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Late last week, some Japanese scientists cloned a mouse with one drop of blood. That's obviously impressive and everything, but I for one feel that we definitely already have enough mice scuttling around this planet. What might be a little more interesting is the cloning and reincarnation of, say, Darwin (so we could show him what a great job he did) or Kurt Cobain (so we could see if he'd be collaborating on club bangers with Taio Cruz by now).


I wanted to know who the public would clone if they had the ability to, so I had a walk around and asked some of them.

Nicholas: Clone?

VICE: Yeah, as in replicate their DNA.
It’s a difficult question. Einstein, maybe – someone like that.

So you’re being altruistic? Good. Any artists you’d bring back?
There are lots of great artists. Maybe Van Gogh. But this is pretty heavy stuff and I don’t like the idea of doing something like that.

Do you think it’s unethical?
Yes. When you go down that road, where do you stop? It’s the end of human race. There’s no sense of originality. It’s a strange area.

Hersha: Gandhi. And just let him do his thing.

Cool. Why Gandhi?
Because he’s all about peace without killing other people, and that’s the object of what people want. Two of one great person is good.

A lot of people don’t like cloning, but you’ve turned it into a positive
Am I supposed to say it’s negative?



Tengiz: It might sound a bit shallow, but because I’m in fashion I’d clone someone who’s amazing in fashion

Anyone specifically?
She’s dead, but someone like Isabella Blow. But if I can’t clone a dead person then it has to be Daphne Guinness.

Alright then.

Ivan: I wouldn’t clone anyone because I don’t need to clone anyone.

I see. Do you think it’s unethical?
No, not at all. If someone wanted to do it then that’s fine. I just don’t have the time to do it. Or the knowledge.

But assuming you did have the knowledge, would you clone yourself, perhaps?
No way. Two of myself is a bad idea – I’m no good.

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