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Wavy Spice: The Schoolgirl Kingpin

We spoke to the first lady of the Tan Boys about how she has 2013 on lockdown.

I fucks with Wavy Spice. A lot. And so does London's hub for everything exciting in urban music,  Rinse FM, apparently, as they cherry-picked her from Harlem and flew her over to the UK to hustle in their studios. In-between the 90s-tastic track "Bitch I'm Posh" and then confusing everyone by then releasing the heavily Taino influenced "Yaya",  it seems the Puerto Rican has something about her that's got 2013 craning it's neck to see what she comes up with next.

I caught up with Wavy at her hair bobbles and crop-tops replete shoot for VICE magazine, to talk high-fashion titties, New York City's revived music scene and why Latinas aren't just about reggaeton and La Cucaracha car horns.

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