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You Can Watch Every Single 'Key & Peele' Sketch for Free Online Now

Go watch Meegan & Andre's drama-filled saga, every sketch of Obama's Anger Translator, and 176 skits previously unreleased online on the show's new digital site.
June 9, 2016, 5:27pm
Photo via the Peabody Awards

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele may have wrapped up their five-season run of Key & Peele on Comedy Central last September, but they haven't completely abandoned fans of the sketch show just yet.

On Thursday, the comedy network released a full digital website, where fans can view every single sketch the comedy duo ever made—including 176 shorts that were previously never released online. Now you can revisit Meegan & Andre's drama-filled saga and watch classics like Obama's Anger Translator using the website's nifty viewing guide.

The website is also full of memes, gifs, and a complete dictionary of terms and phrases that pop up throughout the comedy team's 300-plus sketches, and the digital archive is also accessible through character-driven URLs like and

The sheer amount of free stuff on there is staggering. Forget about work for the rest of the day and dive in.