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Ontario’s Newest MPP is a ‘100 Percent Pro-life’ Teenager Who Lives With His Parents

Everything is fine.
That's the face of an MPP whose mom makes him breakfast every morning. Photo via Facebook

Ontario just elected its youngest MPP in history and he is a staunch home-schooled social conservative who lives with his parents and describes himself as "100 percent pro-life."

Everything is fine. On Thursday 19-year-old Sam Oosterhoff held on to the PC party's Niagara seat in a byelection. The first-year political science student at Brock University will make about $116,000 a year as an MPP. Oosterhoff won the right to run in a surprise victory over former PC party president Rick Dykstra last month. Since being selected to run, Oosterhoff has done his best to evade media and PC Leader Patrick Brown was accused of muzzling his Gen-Z candidate. Press Progress dug into the new MPP's social media history and found Oosterhoff has shared several articles and blog posts focusing on the "sin of homosexuality" and advocating for a literal interpretation of the bible. They also linked Oosterhoff to the religious lobby group Association for Reformed Political Action who have organized protests against sexual education in the province. At 19, he's only a few years out of actually needing sex ed. Oosterhoff for his part told the Toronto Star that he believes "we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect. "I reach out to all communities," he added. Brown said that by focusing on Oosterhoff's social conservative beliefs that the Liberals were running a "smear campaign." VICE has contacted Oosterhoff multiple times for an interview and we still hope now that he is of age, he will have a beer with us and say something stupid on the record. Follow Mack Lamoureux on Twitter