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Viral Trump Fan Would Have Taken Trump 'to the Shed' for That Second Amendment 'Joke'

But Trump still has his vote.

When Donald Trump floated the idea of assassinating Hillary Clinton yesterday during a rally in North Carolina, the face of one bearded audience member behind the podium captured the same shock and disbelief many of us were feeling.

CNN caught up with that man—retired engineer Darrell Vickers—on Wednesday to get his take on the whole debacle. Vickers, though still a Trump supporter, said Trump deserved a whoopin' for his "joke."

"I can't believe he said it," Vickers told CNN Wednesday. "Had we had a chance to talk to him, I would have taken him to the shed. Down here in the South, we don't curse in front of women, we don't drink liquor in front of the preacher, and we don't make jokes like that in public."

Vickers told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin that he believed Trump's comments were said sarcastically but easily misconstrued by the liberal media.

That seems to be the same argument that Trump made himself following the speech, where he blamed the "dishonest media" for taking his comments out of context, merely suggesting that Second Amendment supporters exercise their right to vote.

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