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Some Cops Are in Trouble for Helping with a Guy's Elaborate Marriage Proposal

The whole thing is pretty cute as far as stunt proposals go, but the 101st precinct isn't happy.

Some guys go to pretty insane lengths to propose marriage, and a lot of the time it doesn't end quite how they expected. But last week it was a few New York cops who got a surprise, after helping out with a guy's cute proposal made them the subject of full-on NYPD investigation, CBS New York reports.

In a video of the proposal—filmed from another car presumably by friends who were in on the surprise—three cops pull Yehuda Coriat and his unsuspecting soon-to-be-fiancée over. The officers ask the couple to step out of their car and start searching the vehicle. One cop opens the trunk, revealing a dozen balloons and a bouquet of flowers. That's when Coriat gets down on one knee.


The whole thing is pretty cute as far as stunt proposals go, but not everyone is pleased. The 101st precinct is pretty pissed that the three officers put on uniforms and borrowed department vehicles to help Coriat with the engagement when they were supposed to be out catching criminals or whatever.

The officers involved could be facing disciplinary action from the higher ups in the department, and the YouTube video above is being used as evidence against the cops in the case, according to CBS.

"This incident is being reviewed by the NYPD and based on preliminary findings, will be referred to the proper unit for possible disciplinary action," a New York sergeant said in a statement about the whole debacle.

Man, cops can't get away with anything these days.

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