Watch This Furious Dude Go on a Phone-Smashing Rampage Inside an Apple Store

Going to the Apple store can be a highly stressful experience.
September 30, 2016, 7:40pm

It goes without saying that going to the Apple store can be a highly stressful experience. Most of the time, the only reason you're there in the first place is for a meeting at the Genius Bar, which means your phone or whatever is already living in a world of hurt. And even if you're there to buy something, you still have to grapple with the alien world of consumer shopping without an actual checkout line.

One French guy took it upon himself to unleash the collective rage so many consumers around the world felt when they heard the new iPhone doesn't come with a headphone jack. According to 9-5 Mac, French media outlets have been circulating a video of an irate unnamed man armed with a heavy steel ball going around an Apple store in Dijon, France, and obliterating a bunch of displayed iPhones with his thunderous fist.

Apparently the guy had a subpar experience with Apple's customer service and can be heard shouting about his two-year warranty. A few additional videos show the dude being stopped by mall security after trying to make a break for it.

No word on what kind of trouble he's in, but whoever he is, he'll presumably need to find something more satisfying to smash when he finds out how much money in damages he owes the tech company after destroying thousands of dollars in sweet retina HD displays.

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