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Now Trump Actually Won't Be Releasing His Medical Records on 'The Dr. Oz Show'

UPDATE: Oh wait, no, he actually did.
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Remember earlier this week when Donald Trump used Hillary Clinton's pneumonia as the perfect opportunity to announce that he would release his health records on The Dr. Oz Show, proving that he is in tip-top shape regardless of what those naked statues suggest? Well, actually he won't be doing that after all.

Trump has now reportedly decided he won't be unveiling the results of a recent physical with Dr. Mehmet Oz in a taped interview on the disgraced physician's talk show, according to a Bloomberg Politics reporter. Instead, viewers can tune in to watch the Republican candidate talk about "well-being, being active, and positive thinking," a senior aide explained.

The last minute flip is a little shady considering the candidate publicly touts a glowing bill of health from his longtime physician, and the 70-year-old told Fox & Friends Monday he'd be releasing "very, very specific numbers" related to his physical. The senior aide, however, said the public would get those records eventually, just not via a surprise on Dr. Oz's show.

At this point, the election has essentially devolved into a shouting match between both sides about which candidate is healthier. Maybe once Trump releases his records, we'll know once and for all if Joe Biden could beat him in a foot race.

UPDATE 9/14/16: Oh, wait, actually it looks like Trump pulled another switcheroo on all of us and actually did go over the results of his physical with Dr. Oz during the episode's taping on Wednesday. This whole thing is more twisty and turny than the plot of Chinatown. You can watch the episode when it airs on Thursday.

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