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Kool Keith’s “Life” Features Sadat X and a Sample From Malcolm X

The Bronx hip-hop veteran is set to release his 21st album.

Back in 1991 when Kool Keith dropped his classic Dr. Octagonecologyst album ASAP Rocky was eight-years-old and Tyler the Creator was five. The rap veteran from the Bronx is now gearing up to release Feature Magnetic his 21st album.

Today he released “Life”, a track from the album that features fellow New York hip-hop veteran Sadat X from Brand Nubian on guest vocals.

The song opens with a conversation between Malcolm X and a reporter that references the "climate of hate" that surrounded the assassination of John F Kennedy and Malcolm’s infamous “chickens have come home to roost” comment.

Featuring a tinkling jazz piano and flute, the track reflects on and compares the social and racial inequality of the 60s with today. “Even though I”ve got this black boot around my neck I still want respect” spits Keith.

"Feature Magnetic," is released Sept. 16 on Mello Music Group.