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Winston Hightower’s Home Recorded Tapes Sound Lo-Fi But He’s Hi-Fi In Everything Else

The enthusiastic and prolific young Columbus songwriter is your non-standard Ohioan.

Image: Provided by artist

Winston Hightower is a young musician from Columbus, Ohio who transmits home-recorded loner rock 'n' roll using effects and cheap microphones. His cassettes, including the sold out Too Close to Home released on Superdreamer records, provide personal details of his life including family snapshots and tracks—such as "In Denial."

While his music is definitley lo-fi, Winston's approach to life and productivity is presented with a dazzling hi-fi energy. The guy seems like a creative spark, he’s played in a number of hardcore bands, including Yuze Boys and Minority Threat, and he makes weird 17-minute videos featuring friends driving around and Lumpy from the Dumpers skating. His website is a true work of art/mind melt. His new song “Back Home” can be an acquired taste and listen. It’s lo-fi in the truest sense.Full of loud reverb guitar and vocals that are sung/slung onto tape but it captures Winston's earnest and enthusiastic approach.


Noisey: Are you from Columbus or going to college there?
Winston Hightower: I am from Clintonville which is a small liberal neighborhood in Columbus.

What is the best thing about living in Columbus?
It is definitely a college town. That part sucks. It has its twists and turns like any city but in the end everyone is supporting one another to succeed in their own passions, but not the college kids.

What’s the latest with Minority Threat?
Minority Threat has been connecting with more and more people in and out of the US as months go by. We don't all live in the same city but are usually playing shows out of town. Latest has been writing and recording for an LP coming out on Head2Wall Records. Shout outs to Josh and Nate.

You have a track called “Standard Ohioan". Is there such a thing? Is it a LeBron fan?
Everyone in Ohio is a pretty standard person from no where. It is a pretty basic easy going place for the most part. Sports are a virus in Columbus.

Your website is pretty interesting. What is the inspiration behind it?
I don’t want it to be too boring to look at. I often change it with random gifs and photos. I don’t want someone to have the feel that I’m trying to sell them something when visiting it either. I am an R Stevie Moore fan and I feel his work also gives me inspiration for my music an website. Text me back R Stevie!

Find more music and videos at Winston Hightower.