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Grab Your Gold Lamé - Here's Coco Morier's Video for "No Stranger (To Love)"

She was Charlotte Gainsbourg's touring guitarist and used to front raucous crew Electrocute. Now Morier's taking her stiletto-clad foot straight back to '84.

Photo by Evan Lane

Did you hear the 80s are back? Yeah for real! Eighties steez is all over the fall collections. It's only the 134th time that the much maligned era has been ressurrected—in fabric, in music—which makes this uber cool pop parcel bang on trend. Coco Morier spends the entirety of the video for "No Stranger (To Love)"—premiering below—in a selection of enviable in '84 garb. That gold lamé kimono decked out in fluttering petals (or are they lamé clams?) is to die for. Those gold chains could double up as a weapon. You could get lost for two days in the folds of that royal blue dress.


Shot in her pal's restaurant, The Little Jewel of New Orleans, in Chinatown, in LA (yeah that's a lot of locales), the crew worked to the early hours of the morning, fueled on tasty muffalettas and Zapp's pickle potato chips. According to Morier this is the best Cajun spot in the city.

Who's her Slurpee-sipping sidekick who remains impassive as she prods him with her stiletto? No clue. But Morier runs with a cool crew: for a time she was Charlotte Gainsbourg's touring lead guitarist. Prior to that the Albequerque-born singer spent five years living in Berlin and performing all over the place with her "electro trash girl pop" crew Electrocute. She also wrote Britney Spears's song "How I Roll." So it's safe to say Morier's impossible to pigeonhole. This latest project (she released her debut LP Dreamer under this moniker in July), does not necessarily define her, but it is where she's at right now: doomed love, female anarchy and Russ Meyer's cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! are just a few of her inspirations here. "No Stranger (To Love)" meanwhile is the sonic equivalent of Morier doing a little shoulder shake in that gold kimono: lux, cheeky, really rather appealing.

"My Icelandic love affair began when I first saw the couple Einar Egils and Svala Kali at a video premiere party for their former band Steed Lord and basically, I'd never seen anything more awesome in my entire life," says Morier. "I must have watched that video 1,000 times. A few years later when my producer Lester Mendez told me he was working with them on their new project Blissful and wanted me to come in and write a song with them I jumped at the chance. We hit it off, and I guess it was a mutual artist crush because they offered to make a video for me with Einar directing and Svala styling. It was a really great experience to have other musicians I admire collaborate with me in this way, for a visual element. "Actor Atli Oskar Fjalarsson plays my love interest and I'm super mean to him. I don't even see him sometimes, he's invisible to me. That's what love is I guess, it's kind of tragic. But it's tender too, I have my moments."

Watch below.