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Rich People in London Will Soon Get a Swimming Pool in the Sky

The massive pool will link two luxury apartment buildings—units start at just under a million dollars.

How the sky pool will look with some lucky millionaire floating around in it. Photo via InHabitat

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I've got some really fantastic news, guys. You might even want to sit down, it's pretty special. Get this: there's going to be a swimming pool made entirely out of glass, and it's going to be suspended between two buildings, about 115 feet in the air in central London. I know, right? Man, maybe London isn't so cruddy after all?

What? Oh, you mean this feat of architecture that could bring untold joy and wonderment to all will not be open to the public? You're saying that it can only be enjoyed by people who live in a bouji Battersea new-build flat complex, units in which start at over £600,000 [$941,000]? Oh. I see.


According to developers Ballymore, who are responsible for a lot of apartments that make you feel sick with failure when you look at them, the pool will be 82 feet long and connect two blocks of Embassy Gardens, a new south London twin-towered lux-dev, creating a super-cool, chic way to visit your other rich mates in their flats next door. Both luxury apartment blocks feature "sky decks with a bar, spa, orangery, and dramatic views of the Palace of Westminster," according to InHabitat. It's projected to be finished in 2017.

CEO of Ballymore Sean Mulryan said, "The experience of the pool will be truly unique, it will feel like floating through the air in central London."

As cool as the sky pool undoubtedly is, it's hard to imagine a swimming pool full of millionaires sipping daiquiris and peering down at the povvos below will do anything to ease the growing class tension in the capital. It seems like all the best clubs in London are gradually being shut down, yet transparent swimming pools that connect two buildings which house extremely wealthy people are apparently fine. Of course the world keeps spinning whether or not Plastic People stays open, but does the gulf of the wage gap have to be so painfully flagrant?

Ease the pain by building your own sky pool with merely an inflatable pool and the nearest council block. On a completely unrelated note, I will be starting a GoFundMe page today for a project that I will only reveal once the goal is reached. The goal is £600,000. #GetMeToTheSkyPool

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