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Chris Brown Is Trapped in the Philippines Thanks to Some Angry Christians

Never deny a religious sect their live performance of "Wet the Bed."
Photo via Flickr user Eva Rinaldi

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Chris Brown has been barred from leaving the Philippines after getting into a tiff with a religious group, Yahoo News reports.

Apparently, the Christian sect Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) isn't happy after Brown allegedly bailed on a New Year's Eve concert last year at one of their arenas. The group says he was paid $1 million, per the contract, but Brown was a no-show—so they filed a fraud complaint against him.

Now, according to NBC News, immigration officials and the Justice Department are still hashing out the case and Brown, who is currently on a world tour, has yet to apply for clearance, which is required before he can leave the country and his fraud charge behind him.

It's not clear if Brown knows about this necessary clearance, but he's definitely ready to leave.

On Thursday, Yahoo News says he posted a video of exasperated expletives, which has since been taken down. He later posted another video, which showed him praying and doing backflips in hopes that Obama would help him. Despite the rant, the pleas, and the backflips, his private jet is still stuck on the runway.

Brown has since canceled a concert slated for Thursday night in Hong Kong. The lesson is clear—never deny a religious sect their live performance of "Wet the Bed."