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Watch Tom Cruise Hang onto the Side of an Airplane for Dear Life in the New 'Mission: Impossible' Trailer

There are few things in this world we can rely on, but the fact that Ethan Hunt will again prove the impossible possible is one.

The fifth Mission: Impossible movie is due out in theaters this summer, and Paramount Pictures just released the latest trailer. In it, assorted cars blow up and bad guys speed around on motorcycles and hubris-incarnate Tom Cruise clings to the outside of a moving airplane like that viral cat video making the rounds right now.

The upcoming film, titled Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, chronicles the latest seemingly-impossible-but-ultimately-not-impossible mission for spy Ethan Hunt as he sets out to destroy an elusive, international group of assassins and rogue agents called "The Syndicate."

Neither the trailer nor the movie's plot seem particularly groundbreaking, but what can we expect from a sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a TV adaptation? There are few things in our ever-changing world that one can rely on, but at least we can count on the fact that Ethan Hunt will dangerously pilot motor vehicles while shooting guns to again prove the possibility of the previously-thought-to-be-impossible in this movie.

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