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Everyone Is Freaking Out About That 'Civil War' Trailer with Spider-Man So Fine, Here It Is

Meet the new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, for about two seconds.

On Thursday, a new Captain America: Civil War trailer came out. It was the usual Marvel thing of famous people in costumes saying something pithy and then an explosion or a fight or a motorcycle, but at the very end, there is an extremely brief appearance of a new, non-Tobey Maguire, non-Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. (It's relatively unknown actor Tom Holland, but it's also a bunch of CGI.)

This trailer is getting shared all over the internet because superheroes are really popular. Spider-Man in particular is really popular, but there hasn't been a good Spider-Man movie that people care about in the current era of Way Too Many Superhero Movies. Naturally, when Marvel reveals the slightest detail about the new incarnation of the company's historically most beloved character, it's basically treated as a new installment of a sacred text that must be interpreted and reinterpreted for meaning. It's been a few hours, and the Verge has already done a deep dive into the significance of Spider-Man's costume, and soon you'll probably be able to read theories about, like, whether he has web shooters or not and why he is fighting on Iron Man's side and not Captain America's.

Anyway, you've probably seen this video already, but if not, go nuts!