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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, more than 50 million people on the East Coast are preparing for a blizzard, a former Russian spy has dismissed a UK report's claims that he murdered Alexander Litvinenko, Kenya might ban Netflix, and more.

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Blizzard to Hit 50 Million
More than 50 million people on the east coast are preparing for an enormous blizzard later today that could cause power outages and bring travel to a halt. Blizzard watches are in place across 15 states, and forecaster say storms could bring 30 inches of snow to Washington DC. —NBC News

US Student Arrested in North Korea
North Korea has arrested a US college student for alleged anti-state acts. State media announced this morning that Warmbier Otto Frederick, a Virginian University student who entered as a tourist, is being investigated for a plot to "undermine unity" among North Koreans. —Washington Post


FBI Ran Child Porn Site
For 13 days last year, the FBI operated a child pornography website, allowing users to download illicit images and videos. More than 100,000 users visited while it was under FBI control. "There was no other way we could identify as many players," said a former agent. —USA Today

Kansas Rules on Abortion Method Ban
The Kansas Court of Appeals is expected to decide Friday whether to allow the state to become the first in the nation to ban the second-trimester abortion method. Anti-abortion group March for Life plans to go ahead with its annual rally outside the Supreme Court today. —[ABC News ](

International News

Russian Agent Denies Litvinenko Murder
A former Russian agent accused of poisoning ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006 dismissed a UK public inquiry's conclusions as "nonsense." The inquiry said Andrei Lugovoi poisoned Mr Litvinenko and the killing was "probably approved" by President Putin. —BBC News

Somali Forces End Restaurant Siege
Security forces in Somali have retaken control of a beachside restaurant in Mogadishu after a deadly attack by Islamist militants. At least 20 people were killed after gunmen fired on diners from the beach beach and detonated two car bombs nearby. —AP

French PM: 'EU at Grave Risk'
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said the migration crisis is putting the concept of the European Union at "grave risk." Valls said Europe urgent action is needed to control Europe's external borders. —The Guardian


Taliban Vows More Campus Attacks
A senior Pakistani Taliban commander has vowed more attacks on schools, colleges and universities. Mullah Fazlullah make the threat in a video that also showed four fighters he claimed carried out the deadly attack on Pakistan's northwest university that left 20 dead. —[Reuters ](

Everything Else

Kenya Considers Netflix Ban
Kenya's film board has threatened to ban Netflix, warning that its content threatens the nation's "morals and security." But the film board must wait for the government to decide whether Netflix is suitable. —Newsweek

Schumer Denies Stealing Jokes
Amy Schumer went on Jim Norton's Sirius XM radio show to deny stealing other comics' material. She said she was "literally going to take a polygraph test" to prove her innocence. —The Washington Post

Trump's Dad Was Woody Guthrie's Landlord
Fred Trump — father of Donald — once leased a Brooklyn apartment to folk singer Woody Guthrie, and inspired some bitter writings. One poem reads: "I suppose Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate he stirred up." —The Huffington Post

California Nuns Fight to Grow Weed
A group of nuns called Sisters of the Valley are battling to keep their medical marijuana business alive in the San Joaquin Valley. They face a pending local ban of cannabis sales. —VICE Done with reading today? Watch our video 'Pusha T Talks About the Break-Up of Clipse in This Episode of 'Autobiographies''