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Most of America Thinks Donald Trump Sucks, Says Poll

Seven out of ten American adults view Donald Trump unfavorably, according to a new poll.
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Donald Trump may be soldiering on as the Republican presidential frontrunner, but a new poll from the Associated Press and survey outfit GfK shows that a strong majority of the country is not feeling his vibe, the AP reports.

According to the poll, seven out of ten US adults have an unfavorable view of Trump. We're talking all Americans, here—men and women of all races, ages, and political views.

Since Trump released his insane plan to force Mexico to build a border wall, saw his campaign manager get get arrested, and made bizarre comments about women being punished for abortion, the guy's unpopularity with Americans has risen at least 10 percentage points.

"He's at risk of having the nomination denied to him because grassroots party activists fear he's so widely disliked that he can't possibly win," former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer told the AP. Even his own party is deeply divided on the guy, with nearly half of Republicans and plenty of Southerners giving him a thumbs down.

While Trump may be the most reviled candidate out there right now, his rivals aren't doing so well, either—59 percent of people think Ted Cruz also sucks, and 55 percent are down on Clinton. The results offer more evidence that Americans are going to wind up electing whichever presidential candidate they hate the least.