'Thrasher' Magazine's 'King of the Road' Is Coming to VICELAND

Watch the trailer for our new skateboarding show, 'KING OF THE ROAD,' airing Thursday, April 28 on VICELAND.
April 5, 2016, 6:12pm

King of the Road is an institution in skateboarding. Started by Thrasher magazine in 2003, it's a demented, roving adventure that follows various skate teams across the country as they compete to accomplish a set list of tasks, some of which carry great risk of bodily harm, and others that don't involve skateboarding at all (but still might carry great risk of bodily harm). VICELAND has teamed up with Thrasher for the latest season, which will feature the Birdhouse, Chocolate, and Toy Machine teams hauling ass across America, throwing their bodies and whatever dignity they might have had into the wind for a chance to become the reigning King of the Road.

Watch the trailer above and make sure to check out the first full episode airing Thursday, April 28 on VICELAND. Here's some info on all the ways you can watch our new channel and check out free episodes of shows like BALLS DEEP, GAYCATION, and WEEDIQUETTE online now.