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March 7, 2011, 11:06am

Suede's Slick Sad Swirled is kinda a mini trip, a fever dream, a whirlwind of unruly lust and bewilderment full of content delight. It's so small and psychedelic. You can put it in your pocket and look at it all the time. It starts off with some lips blowing smoke (taken from a hype williams cover) and a text message. Then around the last pages, it gets really blissed out.

An excerpt :

In Ecstasy Extacy Experience Report

It was a blue star. I had accidentally dropped it in the toilet and then took it out. Luckily, it was in plastic. So then I was playing some music at a friend's art opening and woosh, at T:30:00, I no longer wanted to DJ and needed to talk.

The power was insane. Kissing was electrifying and unfathomable. I had lost my shit so many times through out the night and was in luv. On the fire escape, in your room, on the floor rolling around and drolling in the most pleasurable satisfaction.

Rating : 5 Stars

Some people have said they felt like they could just pop it in their mouth and that it's really neat or that it's really beautiful, and that they want one. Things like that. If you were interested, you can get one too.

Also, this is a mix that accompanies the zine. It's really punked out with a pissed off jocular undertone.

[audio:\_.mp3,,, Betrayed In The Octagon.mp3, pack.mp3, Application.mp3, New rose.mp3, Bright Lit Blue Skies.mp3, SPOOKY.mp3, Blunt.mp3, Peace of My Ass.mp3,, Band Of Color.mp3, Hit.mp3, Thin Air.mp3,'s the way boys are.mp3]

"What the Fuck, Missle?" - Finally Punk

"Boy" - Athena Starwoman

"One More Time" - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

"Betrayed in The Octagon" - Oneohtrix Point Never

"Six Pack" - Amy Fusselman

"Boyfriend Application" - Finally Punk

"New Rose" - The Damned

"Bright Lit Blue Skies"
- The Rising Storm

"SPOOKY" - Lydia Lunch

"Blunt" - Dope Body

"Peace of My Ass" - Harry Pussy

"No Hey…" - Harry Pussy

"Band of Color" - Silk Flowers

"Jazz Hit" - Finally Punk

"Thin Air" - Silk Flowers

"That's The Way Boys Are" - Y Pants