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March 8, 2011, 10:58am

Our pal Ed Zipco has recently taken a liking to the sordid and bloody world of underground boxing. He's been going to these clandestine rumbles that take place at a different venue once every few months. Ed tells us that the fighters are all kids from the LES. They are a cocktail of punker-types, Bloods who like to get hammered in the ring, and models (whom we can only imagine take a good beating from the other two groups). There are also the obligatory sexy ring ladies who prance around in between rounds and a bunch of different bands that provide a nice, bloodthirsty environment.

Ed's friend Scott Cramer recently made this video of the last fight night for As I was watching it I noticed my fists were clenched and I was thinking about punching my co-worker who sits next to me for breathing too loudly, which is probably the desired effect for a video about underground boxing, so job well done, Scott.

We asked Ed what the best way to stay in the loop about these things is and he said, "I'd recommend people just keep an ear to the street, or more realistically… their Facebook (that shit is always a buzz for 24 hrs before it pops off.) Even the underground illegal scene is deep addicted to that Facebook shit."

So there you go.