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April 17, 2007, 4:54pm

In the same way that weed has gotten so strong lately you have to ration yourself teeny little hits just to keep from being plunged into a nightlong stupor, funniness is starting to get a little out of hand on the potency front. Take this Atlanta sexpert's thoughtful diatribe on the nuances of penis power for example--every single sentence she hums out is like a full Winnebago Man unto itself. And when her dumpy EdMcMahon finally chimes in on the similarities between jack rabbits and vibrators, the whole peaks into "Oh fuck, I think I'm choking territory." Can they actually push things further than this at the exponenential rate we've seen? When we have kids, are we going to have to warn them about using the internet for laffs because "they aren't the same as when we were your age"? Oh man. If anybody's got any feelings on the ending, post below. We're still working our way through the third minute (rectum full of sperm).

PS: Unfortunately the video has been taken off YouTube, but you can still check out her website for loads of priceless footage about genitalia spirituality, crackheads, and the lifestyle struggles of black transvestites.