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May 22, 2009, 5:46pm

Open the gates once again mortals – there is a black thrash attack on the horizon courtesy of Brazilian metal's most celebrated of metal bands. Yes, it can only be Sepultura...

When you think of Sepultura, of course you think about guys with dreads and combat shorts smoking hash joints on a beach and sipping on warm Red Stripe. But, brothers and sisters grim, that is not the


 Sepultura. The true Sepultura pioneered a sound so ghastly that I shudder to think how evil it might have sounded in 1985, when the world was reeling at the futurism of shoes with air soles,

Purple Rain,


flux capacitors.

Anyway, about four minutes after Fenriz's message about Sarcófago, he sent me another one which read like this:

Don't forget _Bestial Devastation_by Sepultura has a sound that will "turn flowers black," so it said in a review in DEATHVINE and then I sent my money to Sepultura. The song "ANTICHRIST" really IS black metal – most stuff after 1993 IS NOT. It is not MADE – it is COPIED. At least we ASSEMBLED stuff before '93. After that it was just painting by numbers. Also don't forget almost the only band who reformed and STILL sound good, VULCANO[we'll get to them in time, heathens -Rocky]. Bloody Vengeance gives way more BM [black metal - Rocky] feeling than any Dark Funeral stuff, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…"

He is correct. I began with Beneath The Remains as a fledgling metaller and for that reason it will always have a place in their history for me. However there is no equivalent to the sheer hatred and brutality of their earlier work.

The Sepultura song I have chosen to share is "Necromancer." It was between this and "Empire of the Damned" from 1986's Morbid Visions which possibly has the best outro ever, but I believe "Necromancer" really is the bastard metal sound of true 80s thrash-borderline-death metal. The opening riff really is the quintessential bastard metal sound. Enjoy turning all your flowers black to the sounds …

Sepultura - "Necromancer"