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[NSFW] Meet Poopdick, Our New Tasteless, Ugly, Beautiful Imaginary Friend

The illustrator calling himself Ugly People is also responsible for an amputee condom and vomiting hipster dice.

You've heard of Dickbutt, but have you met Poopdick? "He has a bum on the front and a poop for a dick. Poor guy," writes the Scottish illustrator known as Ugly People on Instagram, the cruel creator who thought this miserable creature into existence, among a whole cast of sad, angry, absurd vessels for every kind of pain and suffering imaginable.

Poopdick's sorry brethren include a condom with its hands cut off, a grotesque chimera with five heads and 14 eyes, and a skull with so many scrapes and dents it looks almost happy to be no longer living. The inventiveness with which Ugly People portrays suffering for some kind of mutant apocalypse—almost exclusively in black and white—hints at the depravity of R. Crumb comics mixed with the darker corners of Adventure Time. Ugly People's drawings might have been posters on the dorm room of a young Earl of Lemongrab.


Check out Ugly People's gross characters, plus a tribute to the artist depicting him covered in tattoos and spewing tears, below.

Follow Ugly People here, buy their zines, prints, and totes here, and visit Creators' Instagram to find your next favorite artist.


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