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You'll Be Rewinding this Exclusive Loefah and Fabio Mix Time and Time Again

Check out a blistering 90 minute pair of sets ahead of the duo's show at the Nest tomorrow night.

What are you doing on Friday night? The usual three pints with the boys before falling alseep into a bag of McCoys on the overground? Sod that for once. Go out, mate. Go out out. Make a night of it. Why? Because Loefah and Fabio are playing together in London, that's why!

Ahead of tomorrow's sure-to-be-spicy set down in the sweaty basement at The Nest, we're bringing you something truly, truly special. Yep, it's two fantastic DJs taking up 45 minutes each of a digital cassette tape for your listening pleasure!

Loefah kicks off with a stunning assemblage of all things bass-orientated, before the jungle pioneer himself Fabio takes the reigns and treats you to a blistering run of serious dubplate business.

If it doesn't make you want to hot foot it down to Dalston quicker than you can say "Kingsland Road" then we're not sure what exactly is wrong with you but we hope it gets better soon.

Head here for tickets and info!