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Artist Brings Heartwarming Humanity to Manga Pencil Drawings

Krisper's illustrations communicate girlish glee through expressive and innocent eyes.
All images courtesy the artist

With the use of large, evocative eyes and dynamic lateral motion, UK artist Krisper carries his love for manga and talent for drawing into an emphatic series of illustrations. "My aim is to mix manga and realism in a blend that I could achieve the best of both world where I could freely capture the essence of an emotion. I am most interested on how far I could push realism in a style that is meant to be exaggerated."


A native of the Philippines, the artist concentrates on the human face in most of his works, emboldening each subject through lighting, shadow, and scale. Photographs set the basis for many an illustration, while the artist mostly uses pencil in place of many manga artists' digital tools. In this way, Krisper's drawings feel looser in form than your sterile, algorithmically-rounded tablet piece.

"For inspiration, I look for emotion, firstly," the artist explains to Creators, "I like to capture an emotion more than anything else, whether it be a suitable frown or a big grin or every emotion in-between. I am to translate that emotion into the style I'm creating, and it always gives me joy to see a piece that has an emotional feel more than aesthetic, which is the next big thing I look at." Check out more of Krisper's looks below:

Explore more work from Krisper on his Instagram and his blog.


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