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God Bless: MC Bin Laden Just Dropped a Surprise EP

On it are the hot as shit singles "Tá Tranquilo, Tá Favorável", "Bololo Haha", and four new tracks.
Image from YouTube.

Here's the thing about the Music Business: you never know what's gonna happen. That's the thing. The one thing about it that everyone inside The Industry is always saying. Like, remember when Beyonce dropped Lemonade and everyone was just like, "what the fuck?" Or like when Drake was like "expecting an album? Sorry, but here's a mixtape called If You're Reading This… and it's just full of shit that didn't make the album" and everyone was just like "wow, I had no idea that was going to happen." Or perhaps you recall the time that U2 thought it might be "cool" and "different" to release their new album through iTunes and embed itself into iPhones around the world like a fucking virus? Totally out of left field. Had us… "shook."


Well today will likely go down in history as an Earth-shattering day of shock and confusion in the music world. Today marks the release of Harry Styles' debut album—basically a fuckin' rock opera—which has been much awaited and anticipated. But, as sometimes happens in The Business, there's an eclipse happening. Harry baby, it looks like your time in the sun is up. You've been overshadowed, pal. A bigger, brighter star is here (is this how eclipses work? I don't know). And frankly, we are not worthy.

MC Bin Laden has dropped, out of freaking nowhere, a new EP. The 23-year-old Brazilian rapper who has been slowly slowly achieving world domination. First with "Bololo Haha"—possibly the most inventive and addictive rap song in years—and second with "Tá Tranquilo, Tá Favorável"—the video for which is a gift to people with the Internet everywhere. Now he has released the EP É Grau, out through Remote Control records. Available to stream now, the record will also get a limited vinyl release on June 23. Keep an eye out for that here.

Listen to it below if you have any self respect at all, basically.