Take a 360 Degree Virtual Tour Around Japan's Dreamlike Roland Museum

The most enticing video on YouTube since the last zit-popping compilation you caught yourself watching at 3AM.
March 7, 2017, 10:20am

It isn't often that jealousy is an emotion you'd attach to YouTube. Enjoyment, sure. Disgust, absolutely. Shame, undoubtedly. But jealousy? Why would you be jealous of the size of an zit, or the epicness of a fail, or that parrot's ability to crank out a perfect impression of Future? You wouldn't, would you? Hopefully not, anyway.

What probably will have you caught in the gaze of the green-eyed-monster is this fascinating virtual tour of the Roland Museum in Japan. If you've got even the slightest bit of interest in electronic equipment you'll probably find yourself wiping the saliva off your keyboard within seconds. There are synths! There are drum machines! There cabinets full of FX pedals! In fact, it is so full of great looking instrumentation that we nearly found ourselves describing it as "gear porn" until we remembered that "gear porn" is the worst thing it is possible to say or type.

Still, if you've ever wanted to experience a technology museum in stunning 360 degree motion from the comfort of your own bed, you're in luck. Just don't blame us when you wake up to a credit card bill that includes some very pricey flights to Japan.