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Listen to The Goods' Debut Double EP Now

We have a chat with the Sydney duo and premiere their double EP "Rosario D'Awesome x Boris Bangaltar."
Courtesy of the artist.

Boris Bangaltar (Jarrol Renaud) and Rosario D'Awesome (Rosario Ferraro) together make The Goods. A Sydney electronic duo, their self-titled debut is a double EP which traverses through funk, hip hop, jazz, soul, and dance. It's a journey of a thing, and a hugely ambitious first release from the two producers.

Today on THUMP we have the pleasure of premiering the twelve-track release, and to celebrate we had a chat with Jarrol and Rosario. Read our interview and hear the stunning debut in its entirety—as the artist intended—below.


Wow. What a huge debut record. Firstly, congratulations!


Second—how long has this been in the making?

It took around a year to put it together but some of the ideas are from a couple of years back.

Debut single "Nightlife" has a lot of Kaytranada about it. Very of-the-moment. Is that just good timing or are you guys fans of his stuff?

We definitely don't set out to make music of-the-moment so spose it's good timing!! We've been messing with the wonky unquantized thing for a quite a while, early on checking out Dilla, Madlib & co & then cats like Andrés & Moodymann who put the wonk over a four on the floor house vibe, all these guys predate Kaytra, he's dope though!

There are so many other influences here. Even on first and second listens you're hearing huge shifts in genre and style. What were you listening to while writing and recording that made its way into the record?

Yeah we are pretty erratic in our listening! At the time we were pretty into Seven Davis Jr & Spacek & also getting into some footwork. The new stuff just finds its way into the steady stream of soul, boogie, hip-hop, reggae, afro, jazz & house that we are always listening to. It all finds its way onto the record in some way!

And what are you listening to at the moment?

Anderson .Paak, Homeboy Sandman, Beat Spacek, Wu 15, Floating Points, and all the Aussies & Kiwis bringing it at the moment—The Possé, Average Rap Band, Wallace, Silent J & Jace XL & Bruce Hathcock's unreleased album!


Can you explain a little bit about the split-record thing?

We have a few different approaches to working on tracks. Sometimes we jam stuff out together, other times we make beats individually and bring them to the table to finish off. The record came about 'cause we both had a stash of beats and had a listening session one day. We were like how about you pick your favourite beats of mine and vice versa.

What resulted were two distinct sounding collections of music, so instead of putting them out as an album we thought let's make a point of this and make it a double EP; Side A written by Rosario D'Awesome, Side B written by Boris Bangaltar, The Goods as a duo being the executive producers. In future you'll definitely hear tracks created from live jams in the studio

How does this record translate live?

Boris plays bass, synth bass, samples & vocals. Rosario is on the MPC, samples, vocoder & drums. We also have a keys player & vocalist that join us live. We try to play the parts from the record faithfully but also keep things pretty open and free, no sequences or backing tracks!!

Where did the name The Goods come from?

It was handed down to Boris in a dream by an ancestor from many light years away.

What should THUMP readers and listeners get onto if they enjoy your stuff?

Get onto the goodfoot!

And finally: do The Goods have any predictions forSaturday's election?


Fair enough. You can follow The Goods on Soundcloud. "Rosario D'Awesome x Boris Bangaltar" is out tomorrow, July 1, through Personal Best Records.