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Don't Listen to the Denial: Annie Mac and DJ EZ were DEFINITELY Children's TV Stars

We uncovered the secret past of two sought-after selectors.
January 14, 2015, 9:59pm

The internet's been ablaze with rumours that Radio 1's doyenne of dance music, Annie Mac, and UKG's finest DJ EZ, initially met on the set of CBBC's cuddly children-in-care comedy drama Tracy Beaker. Set in a sanitised, fun, caring, slightly unrealistic children's home fondly nicknamed "The Dumping Ground", the series detailed the titular scamp's search for acceptance in a community of youngsters at risk. It was full of laughs and important life lessons. It also, though both are keen to publically deny it, kickstarted the careers of two of the country's most sought after spinners.


Both are currently living in a state of denial over the whole affair:

Here at THUMP we're 100% confident that Tracy and her mate Ben are actually Annie and her pal EZ. Here's why:

EZ's Trademark Cap

After his absolute mastery of the crossfaders what do you associate DJ EZ with? Yep, it's that tight, taut always-on baseball cap of his. Lord knows what lies beneath, but even back in the Dumping Ground he was keeping it under wraps.

EZ's Character Is Actually a DJ

Another "coincidence": the character Ben is actually a DJ and he plays a set at Tracy's birthday party. As you can see from the clip above, Ben also knows how to work a crowd. No reloads at this early stage of his career though.

Perennial Sneezers

Back in her acting days, Annie, as Tracy, was prone to blaming mild emotional outbursts on her debilitating hayfever.

It's a well thought out defence mechanism - who would call out someone so affected by literally just exisiting on the same sphere as pollen - and it's one that she's carried on into her current status as queen of the airwaves. Only now, she uses Wrigley's Extra as that all important emotional crutch.

Sax Addicts

In the memorable 'Sound of Music' episode of CBBC's children's home heartwarmer, old Tracy picks up the saxophone and attempts to parp her way to stardom. Given that the sound of a sax on it's own is a genuine form of aural torture and should be outlawed under the International Bill of Human Rights, it's unsurprising that she doesn't quite swap The Dumping Ground for the green room of Top of the Pops. Still, passions are passions and one shouldn't throw all childish things away, so it's heartening that Annie's still a vocal supporter of the fairly maligned instrument as heard on her super psyched intro to this Mr Oizo tune.

Certified Tree Climbers

Climbing trees is usually thought of as the sole preserve of impish young boys and Michael Jackson, but here we see Annie in both her guises hanging out in the branches after another tough B2B session with EZ. The wistful look in their eyes suggests that not all is well up there. Another botched transition and one of them's for the chop (!!!!)

Well I think that settles it then, back to you guys.