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Miniature Weed Worlds Blend Tiny Toys and Stoner Humor

Anonymous Instagram user minioor makes humorous and wonderfully crafted miniature worlds made of marijuana and tiny toys.
Via Instagram

For about a year, anonymous Instagram user minioor made humorous and wonderfully crafted miniature worlds made of marijuana and tiny toys. In this stoner's world, Leave It To Beaver-esque housewives load buds into their homes and push strollers full of weed. A train engineer shovels buds out of a glass jar like he is shoveling coal into an engine. Elsewhere, a lumberjack takes a chainsaw to the top of a pine tree-like nug of weed. Minioor's work is simultaneously surreal and humorous in the long tradition of stoner art, but it's also meticulously detailed.


There are several interesting things about minioor's work, quite apart from the intersection of stoner art and tiny dioramas. The photography may not be of the caliber seen in other tiny artworks, but minioor is clearly talented at miniature mise-en-scène. Whether the characters are interacting with real life objects like jars, cigar, lighters, plastic bags, and weed grinders or structures within the dioramas like pools, houses, and vehicles, the work is seamlessly absurd.

Another impressive aspect of minioor's miniatures is its work with the weed itself. Anyone who has ever dealt with buds knows they're not the easiest thing to handle with precision—unless, of course, one is a major stoner and it is their mission to get the most out of their weed. Minioor takes this to an extreme whenever the tiny people are interacting with marijuana. Each bud is sculpted so that it fits neatly in the tiny person's hands or is something they either climb or sit upon.

Throughout their year of activity, minioor also created primitive but hilarious animations (using the Lumyer app) of the tiny weed-loving people. In one, a man splits open a spliff with a handheld saw. That would be funny enough, but along comes a grandpa who takes some of the weed and hands it to his wheelchair-bound wife as if the buds are a bushel of flowers. In another, a fireman removes a small bud from a metal stash and lights it on fire to inhale the vapors.


Minioor posted the miniature weed works from January to December of 2016. Just as mysteriously as the artist appeared and earned praise, they vanished. But, even if minioor fails to return to making these tiny little worlds of weed and wonder, there are plenty of works to enjoy, whether one is under the influence or not.

Click here to see more of minioor's work.


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