This Breakfast Sandwich Is a Toronto Icon


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This Breakfast Sandwich Is a Toronto Icon

Set your day up for success the Toronto way.

You may never have heard of it, but peameal bacon is a Toronto classic. It's a type of back bacon, cured and trimmed, that traditionally was rolled in dried and ground yellow peas—which add a certain je ne said quoi of the crunchy variety to the finished product. Unfortunately for those of us who reside outside of the provincial capital of Ontario, peameal bacon is pretty damn hard to find.

But no need to fret. You too can make a peameal breakfast sandwich—a sandwich that happens to be the ultimate hangover cure—anywhere with this recipe. RECIPE: Peameal Breakfast Sandwich It uses cornmeal to sub in for the peameal and add that delightful bit of crunch, which takes bacon to a heretofore unknown level. Add a fried egg and a Kaiser roll, and you will be ready to indulge again before you know it. Thanks, Toronto. You're pretty alright, Canada.