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Watch These Ugly-Cute Naked Mole-Rats Party in the Lab

These cancer-resistant rodents may hold the key to human longevity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t kick back once in a while.
September 2, 2015, 1:25pm

Naked mole-rat playtime. Video: YouTube/Cambridge University

Cambridge University just posted a video of its ugly-cute community of naked mole-rats. Watching these bizarre creatures manically running around and cuddling up together is a wonderful salve for the brain.

What's more, these rodents have genuine superpowers to match their insane appearance. Naked mole-rats are resistant to cancer and live about ten times longer than other mammals their size. That's why scientists like Cambridge's Ewan St. John Smith study them for clues about extending human longevity.

According to Smith, naked mole-rats also have much better manners than your average rodent. "If you hold a mouse in the palm of your hand, it will often try to escape or pee on you!" he said in a statement. By contrast, "naked mole-rats are really playful."

There you have it—an utterly unique species that might save human lives, and also won't pee on you. Naked mole-rats are the real MVPs.