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This Harrowing Animation Shows the Number of Deaths During World War II

It’s worth watching all 18 minutes.

It's said that sixty million people died during World War II, a colossal number that's hard to conceptualize. A new 18-minute video aims to change that and provide context on the battle's bloodshed.

"The Fallen of World War II" is a slickly designed graphical documentary that examines soldier and civilian deaths and places the battles' bloodshed into historical context compared to other wars. Looking at the data from this perspective proves how staggering the war really was, in a way that black-and-white photos can't provide.

Neil Halloran, the filmmaker who wrote and directed the piece, told the Washington Postthat the video originally started as a research project but grew to much more after he realized how huge the statistics were.

"I got sucked into World War II, because the numbers are so huge that I couldn't get away from it," he told the Post. "It was going to be a small online timeline, but it just grew."

via Motherboard Germany