We Talked to a Professional Cuck About the 'Alt-Right'

Jimmy Broadway, who has played a cuckold in over 400 porn films, weighs in on the alt-right and what it’s like to get humiliated on camera
January 9, 2017, 7:02pm
Image: Severe Sex

Over the course of the recent election cycle, the so-called "alt-right" was heavily engaged in what might be deemed meme warfare, in which previous innocuous phrases and images were appropriated for the group's political ends. The most famous instance of this is Pepe the Frog, but chances are you also saw an increasing number of references to cuckoldry, which the white supremacist group used to describe people or groups it found weak or morally reprehensible.


This led to the rise of neologisms like 'cuckservative' to describe members of the GOP whose views fell short of the alt-right's positions, a barrage of articles explaining just what it means to be a cuck, and even a counter-movement by cuckolds who wanted to reclaim the term.

Despite the alt-right's attempt to mold this term into a politicized diss, many people still proudly fly their cuck flags, including Jimmy Broadway, the stage name for a pornstar who might be said to "specialize" in cuckoldry. Broadway has played a cuckold in well-over 400 porn films, and when I called him to ask what he thought about the alt-right's use of the term, he said the group isn't seeing the whole picture.

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