Waypoint High Says An Arty Goodbye to the Class of 2016


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Waypoint High Says An Arty Goodbye to the Class of 2016

Here's to the art, articles and fanfiction we collected to celebrate the year that was 2016.

Above: The Waypoint High 2016 yearbook cover. Illustration by Sophia Foster-Dimino.

Waypoint High School Dean/Editor-In-Chief Austin Walker said it best in his Dean's List address explaining our entire approach to end-of-year coverage this year. We wanted something fun and celebratory and maybe even a little playful to end the year on. So what better than a high school yearbook, and what better yearbook than one assembled by a bunch of our favorite writers and artists?


Here's a look at all of the custom art—and the words that accompanied it—in our Waypoint High Coverage. We'll see you next year, kids!

Day One

2016's Tardiest: 'The Last Guardian' and 'Final Fantasy XV'

Just because they were late doesn't mean they weren't very good boys. Illustration by Gavin Spence.

The Members of Waypoint High's Time Travelers Club Offer a Unique Power Fantasy

Time travel is tricky, but these characters were up to speed. Illustration by Sunless Design.

Waypoint High School Fanfic: The Coven

If you really want to be a cool girl, you could always join The Coven. Illustration by Erica Lahaie.

Day Two

Waypoint High's Horror Club Traded Out Jump Scares for Existential Terror

The Horror Club got very serious this year. Illustration by Sunless Design.

"Pharmercy" May Not Be Canon, But They Are Waypoint High School's Cutest Couple

I almost cried when we announced Pharmercy as cutest couple. Illustration by Irene Koh.

Waypoint High School Fanfic: Hammer & Pencil

Did you learn anything in class this year? Let a Projection Clone and Dragon Quest Builder help you. Illustration by Sunless Design.

Day Three

No One Had More School Spirit in 2016 Than the Doom Slayer

The Doom Marine smells like school spirit, in the very best way. Illustration by Gavin Spence.

Waypoint High's Band Played the Best Game Soundtracks of 2016


Waypoint High School Fanfic: The ARG that Stumped Detective Pikachu

There was one ARG that stumped everyone at Waypoint High. Even the Oxenfree kids and Detective Pikachu. Illustration by Gavin Spence.

Day Four

'Dark Souls 3' Wasn't the Height of the Series, but It Didn't Need to Be

No game was more reliable in 2016 than good old Dark Souls 3. Illustration by Sunless Design.

Finals Fantasy, a Comic by Stephan Maurice Graham

It's all about Amelie and Emily, now that Victoria has graduated. Illustration by Tom Humberstone.

Day Five

AAA Games Weren't Afraid of Getting Political in 2016

These games tackled race, class, organizing power, and other essential issues this year. Illustration by Sunless Design.

Waypoint High Fanfic: Overwatch Dogs Save the Prom

It's time for the Overwatch prom, and these young hackers wanted to make sure it was a night to remember. Illustration by Erica Lahaie

This Year's Most Athletic Characters and More Superlatives for 2016's Best Games


Waypoint High Fanfic: Last Song for Salter and Rhodes

2016's shooters inspired Waypoint High's Paintball Club to think and reflect. Illustration by Cara McGee.

Day Six

Waypoint High's Saturday Morning Detention

In which I get very angry about The Witness' attitude problem, despite some great puzzle design. Illustration by Paul O'Reilly.

Fanfic: Notes on the History and Surrounds of Waypoint High