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Learn How to Defend Your Dumbass Friend on Mutual Jerk's New Track

The Atlanta punks offer a piece of despondent brilliance from a forthcoming record.

There's something disconcerting about Mutual Jerk's new track "He's Harmless". Over a fuzzed Flipper/No Trend-like guitar dirge, vocalist Tyler Roberts sings/slurs a catalogue of excuses for someone's shitty behaviour:

He's really a nice guy/I'm surprised he did something like that.
He's gets out of control when he's had too much to drink/He was really drunk that night. 
He's probably just got a crush on you/ He thinks you are really cute.
He can be just a dumb ass sometimes.
You are the first person I know who's had a problem with him.
He's had a hard year/He's had a rough week.


It's the kind of apologist (verging on victim blaming/shaming) behaviour that is unfortunately found too often in most punk scenes around the world.

But "He's Harmless" also happens to be a brilliant song. Taken from the Atlanta band's (who feature members of Strategic War Heads, Wymyns Prysyn, and Uniform) upcoming 7", the track is a slow munted plow that brings to mind the despondency of Watery Love or Saccharine Trust.

This comes highly recommended,

Mutual Jerk's 7' is available May 1 on State Laughter Records.

Image: Bandcamp