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Petey From Clicks & Whistles Goes Solo

Stream a grime-flavored house banger from the trap star.
February 7, 2014, 10:00pm

It's rare to catch sight of Petey Clicks on his own, because the Virginian beatmaker is mostly known for his work as one-half of the Dirty South trap duo Clicks & Whistles. Recently, however, he's devoted quite a bit of creative energy to his solitary endeavors; In October, Clicks made his solo debut on AC Slater's Party Like Us Records, and now he's followed it up with a high-octane grime-flavored house banger titled "Magic Words."


The b-side, "Da Feelin'"—which you can stream below—showcases the fusion of bass music styles from the US and the UK that has become the calling card for Slater's outpost. We caught up with Clicks as he kicked back in his Los Angeles digs after trimming some fresh buds.

THUMP: What are you doing right now, Petey?
Petey Clicks: I'm chillin' after a long week of trimming weeds. My roommate and I are enjoying some Netflix.

How often do you trim weed?
This was actually my first time trimming. Not much of that kind of work is available where I'm from.

How did you get that job?
My buddy needed some help, and I didn't have much going on this week. Sometimes these winter months are hard for a DJ.

Were you "on weed" when you got your tattoos?
Yes, I have been "on" the Devil's Weed for all of my tattoos.

You just got a tattoo in honor of one of your new songs, right?
Yeah, I got a tattoo for my jam "U N ME." It's a song I wrote for my girlfriend, Lindsay. My emoji pet name for her is the little watermelon guy.

U N ME was on your first Petey Clicks EP. Do you plan on continuing to focus on your solo projects?
Definitely. I'm really enjoying the freedom of writing by myself again. It's been five or six years since I did any solo stuff.

Well, what's the difference between Petey Clicks tunes and Clicks & Whistles tracks?
Basically, [my solo stuff is] more house-driven. There's less of a rap influence, but you might still be able to hear it. I'm just kind of over the whole "trap" thing.

Tell me about "Da Feelin."
So, "Da Feelin" is a special feeling you get at 5AM when your "get to the airport" alarm goes off after a long night of partying on tour. Just for a moment, you consider going back to bed and completely ruining your entire tour for the sake of sleep.

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